The convenient front access to the cargo area allows you to get your gear without climbing over your bike, and it makes it easy to check on your bikes when you stop!

Enclosed motorcycle trailer - fuel efficient, lightweight and aerodynamic fiber reinforced plastic with an aluminum frame

RallyTime Trailers™ F.A.Q.s

How does it handle? With the torsion axle and the aerodynamic characteristics you may forget it is behind you. The ride is smooth due to the fact we are using radial tires that are balanced for true tracking.

Is there really enough room for two large dressers such as Gold Wings and Ultra's? Yes, I ride an Ultra Classic and my wife rides a Heritage Softail. When other trailer manufacturers were pressed about hauling two large bikes, they soon would admit it was like cramming 10 pounds of you-know-what into a 5-pound sack. We designed this around hauling two Gold Wings to insure all others would fit with ease.

Can I load a trike or choppers in it? It is wonderful for a trike. A lot of the trikes are over 60 inches wide, that is why we made our ramp 87" wide and the body is 154" long. This can handle the longer rakes on the custom bikes.

How durable is the fiberglass? Look at fiberglass boats and how long they last. In fact there is a good chance there are fiberglass parts on your bike or your automobile. Taken proper care of the lifetime of this trailer can exceed 20 years. Put a good coat of wax on it a couple times a year and keep it clean. A dirty trailer adds drag and reduces fuel economy.

Does it really make a difference in fuel economy? You bet it does! In testing, we took the same vehicle on the same day and traveled 108 miles over a course of country roads and highways. Ranging from start stop driving to highway speeds of 70 MPH. We use the same gas from the same pump and measured fuel economy. On a full size SUV towing a 12 foot box trailer, we achieved a whopping 7.8 MPG over the 108 miles traveled. With the RallyTime Trailer we got 12.6 MPG and it didn't feel like there was a boat anchor behind us. That is a 38% fuel savings. If you were to take a trip from Buffalo, NY to Sturgis, SD there would be a difference in cost of over $600.00! *(Based on 3000 miles round trip @$4.09/gallon of regular unleaded).

It is so lightweight, is it durable? We designed this trailer using the lightest most advanced composite materials available. Aluminum frame and the polypropylene honeycomb flooring. It is sturdy and rugged and backed by our two year limited warranty.

Why isn't the price lower like the box trailers? Throughout this project, I found that a lot of trailer manufacturers wanted to build cheap trailers because the customer always wanted the lowest price. Steel is cheaper than aluminum, plywood is cheaper than fiberglass, standard lights are cheaper than LED's etc. To use cheaper materials does give you the lowest price, however, what we were searching for in our design was the best VALUE. In other words, the best trailer that would have the overall lowest cost over the life of the trailer and the highest resale values. We were looking for QUALITY at the lowest price. We realized a long time ago we would rather have lowest cost over the life of the trailer (initial price + lifetime repairs and maintenance - fuel savings - resale value = true cost) Do the math and you will find that the RallyTime Trailer offers the lowest cost trailer on the market today.

Why the front hatch? This enables you to comfortably climb out after tying down your handlebars on your bike or to climb in the trailer withour dropping down the ramp. It also serves as access to the front where we have a 7-foot wide cargo area with the RallyTime cargo net. This allows you access to your suitcase, ice chest, toolbox, helmets and riding gear without having to open the rear ramp on those stopovers. It also allows you to easily check on the bikes.

Will it fit in my garage? The trailer is 102 inches wide, we did this to allow lots of room around the bikes when traveling so they would not rub against each other and cause damage. It had to be wide, however we also wanted it to fit in a 7 foot high opening so we made it 82 inches high from the ground to the top with the roof in the down position.

Will it leak? We have designed into the molds a system with rain channeling on both the top and front hatch area. Look closely at the rain channeling system. Rain is channeled off the trailer to the sides, which makes it very difficult for rain to get inside. The trailer stays dry. The floor inside is non-skid and is fully washable with a pressure washer. Clean away!

Do I have to stoop to load my bike? No, you just raise the roof and you have an additional 18 inches of headroom. Load your bike, drop the roof, up with the ramp and you are on your way. Fast and easy and with the optional locking bike chocks you ride in and the bike stays up so one person can do the tie downs.

Why are the bike chocks shipped loose? Your RallyTime dealer can mount the chocks for you at a reasonable fee. All customers have different bikes and want different setups. When you purchase your RallyTime Trailer, let your dealer know where you want the chocks so you can fit to your custom needs. Sometimes it may be practical to order an additional mounting plate for the front center. This way you can move the bike chock for centering loads when only one bike is hauled.

There is no local dealer listed for my area, where can I get your trailer? If there is no dealer for your area, call us and we will make all the arrangements to have your RallyTime trailer delivered to your door. We are in the process of setting up our national distribution network. If you have a local utility trailer dealer in your area you would like to deal with, have him call us at 877- RallyTime or you can provide us with his contact information including name, address, phone and contact person and we will do the legwork for you. We want to make sure you have the aftermarket support you deserve.