A RallyTime Trailer even
has ample room for a
Boss Hoss Truck Trike!

Enclosed motorcycle trailer - fuel efficient, lightweight and aerodynamic fiber reinforced plastic with an aluminum frame

The Rallytime Trailers™ Mission

Promoting independence, freedom and safe travels in the motorcycle community through building a quality motorcycle trailer.

The RallyTime Trailers™ Philosophy

To build, lead and embrace an employee driven operation and establish a culture that inspires detail, learning, respect and personal growth. A work environment that instills a personal desire to succeed, which in return, will drive the quality of our product.

The idea for RallyTime™ Trailers came from a need in the motorcycle community for a trailer built for bikes. The competing box trailers were built for ease of manufacturing and then adapted to motorcycles.

We were looking for a trailer that was lightweight, yet rugged enough to go on those long trips to the rallies. We wanted a trailer that didn't feel like we were pulling a boat anchor behind our full size SUV. No matter how powerful the vehicle, it seemed that box trailers were just too heavy. After doing research of all kinds of trailers, we couldn't find one to fit the bill so we decided to design the trailer from the ground up. The trailer had to meet the following criteria: